International Tax Structuring
Understanding the challenges and opportunities of ever-changing corporate taxation, legislative and regulatory requirements for a company doing business beyond its home country is crucial.

At Ceedaa, our team is experienced in addressing these developments to help structure your business in a tax-efficient manner in different jurisdictions.

Have some of these questions in mind?

  • Do you want to grasp the latest development of tax regulations and avoid double taxation?
  • Are you thinking about restructuring a group of companies and therefore need advice on tax matters?
  • Are you planning on cross-border transactions, acquisitions or disposals?
  • Do you plan to better manage your intellectual property and intangible assets and set them up for profit maximisation?
  • Are you a company in Europe, looking to expand to Asia or already having a few offices in Asia?
  • Are you looking for transfer pricing strategy tailored for your unique needs to eliminate risk from possibly inefficient policies?

It’s all about avoiding risks, understanding implications of various plans and course of actions. We access your current tax structure and circumstances, device an effective strategy to cater for your tax related needs.