Trade Services
As your business grows and more of your clients are located in Asia, you will start wondering if you are better off setting up an office in Hong Kong on your own, or employing trade support services without opening a fully staffed office.

Our trade services let you minimise your initial investment since you do not need to hire own staff, rent office space and set up office infrastructure. We handle all administrative tasks of the trade process efficiently on your behalf in Hong Kong while you can maintain total control of the core of your business including customer and supplier contacts, production, sales and marketing and etc. at your headquarter. As we are based in Hong Kong and are well familiar with regulations in Hong Kong and Asia, we are in a great position to offer you a package of trade services which can be fully adjusted to suit your needs, including but not limited to invoicing and order processing, transaction administration and documentation, co-ordination of shipping services, liaison with all related parties such as clients, suppliers, logistics partners.

Maintaining good and efficient communications with clients is as important for you as for us, we do not take it lightly. Let us take the time-consuming administrative burden off your shoulder.

Talk to us about your business so we can help you analyse what is best from operational efficiency and effectiveness point of view.